Monday, May 28, 2012

Note to Self

Note to Self:

Transcendent longing for realization;  
Manifesting the shadow of the divine;
Rolling out of the center of the Universe;
The music of shimmering leaves;
You can almost see beyond.
We are plants who water each other;
Or not.

Events, mistaken for their source;
Confound the mystic with their apparent permanence;
Events are flashes of what is;
Or not.

Prophetic sons of thunder;
Dance to a calypso tune;
Smiling their tears.

Longing for life without storage unit baggage;
Where the great feast abides
In the quotidian;
A grand table whose price is championing
The Inner Life.
There is no other.

LEAP onto the page and back again;
Transformed into clarity;
Confusion diminished;
Or not.

©2012 Douglas Harvey