Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Music on a Sleepless Night

Music on a Sleepless Night

And in the sleepless night came a flash – a glimpse  of Elsewhen;
A mighty chorus, a symphony, heralding the Unblemished;
Allied to the windswept eternal night;
Beckoning the vanguard of the King of Light;
Unheeding of the temporal cacophony of the striving;
A song unfolding, revealing a profound debt
To Compassion, to the depths of feminine nurture,
To the eschewment of the demon Denial who unlocks the door for
Brutal Fear, slinking under moonless dark, usurping.

How came this to pass in the o’er long adolescence of humanity?
Trees bent to the ground in acknowledgment of the End and
The Beginning, while the orchestra plays on before
Finally-understanding ears:
“Know thyself, speaking clay, hearing dust, seeing stones;
“Know thyself, feeling water, caressing air, pulsing flame;
“Unto the Great Moment we are beholden;
The eternal moment of the ten thousand worlds;
High and low;
Far and near;
Inner and outer;
Blossom, life.

© 2006
Doug Harvey

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